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. Nov-Dec 2018;32(6):1443-1447.
doi: 10.21873/invivo.11397.

Healing Effect of Platelet-rich Plasma on Decellularized Tracheal Allotransplantation in Rabbits

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Healing Effect of Platelet-rich Plasma on Decellularized Tracheal Allotransplantation in Rabbits

Seok Jin Jang et al. In Vivo. .
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Background/aim: The purpose of this study was to explore the effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on enhancing healing of trachea allotransplantation and confirm the effect via parallel histological and tracheoscopic examinations in seven adult New Zealand White rabbits.

Materials and methods: Harvested trachea was inserted into recipients with end-to-end anastomosis by a simple interrupted suture. PRP-treated rabbits were treated with 0.5 ml of PRP at the trachea grafts, while control rabbit allografts were treated with 0.5 ml of saline.

Results: Tracheoscopy of tracheal allografts treated with PRP revealed that the trachea was well healed with no stenosis. The healing effect in the PRP-treated rabbits increased tracheal activity and produced faster trachea regeneration compared to that in control rabbits. There was a good correlation between the subjective symptom of noisy breathing and the objective grading of tracheal stenosis. The tracheal allografts with suture materials appeared slightly pale and looked more like mucosa erosion than normal mucosa at four weeks post-surgery. Contact of trachea-to-transplanted grafts in PRP-treated rabbits was intimate with the surface of the transplanted region and showed high-density epithelialization. After 8 weeks, blood vessels were observed in the transplanted graft in PRP-treated rabbits. Normal epithelium was present in grafts at 8 weeks after allotransplantation. No CD20+ cells were detected in grafts but a few CD3+ cells were observed under the epithelium.

Conclusion: The results of this study show that it is possible to perform tracheal reconstruction in rabbits treated with PRP after tracheal transplantation.

Keywords: Decellularized trachea; allotransplantation; platelet-rich plasma; rabbit.


Figure 1
Figure 1. Image showing tracheal size (A) and intraoperative image of tracheal allotransplantation (B) in New Zealand White rabbits
Figure 2
Figure 2. Tracheoscopic images of a tracheaI allotransplantation region (arrows) at 4 (A) and 8 weeks (B) after platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatmentin New Zealand White rabbits. At 8 weeks after PRP treatment, blood vessels (arrowhead) were observed at the transplanted graf
Figure 3
Figure 3. Histological images of grafts at 8 weeks after tracheaI allotransplantation. A: The transplanted graft region was observed to be coveredwith fibrous tissue with re-epithelialization and fibroproliferation in rabbits (hematoxylin and eosin, ×10). B: Presence of a few CD3+ cells in theepithelium on immunohistochemical staining (×400).

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