A family of yeast expression vectors containing the phage f1 intergenic region

Gene. 1987;52(2-3):225-33. doi: 10.1016/0378-1119(87)90049-7.


The construction and characterization of a family of yeast expression vectors is described. They have the following features: plasmid replication and selection (ApR) in Escherichia coli, packaging of single-stranded (ss) DNA upon infection of E. coli with a filamentous helper phage, replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae based on the 2 mu plasmid origin of replication (ori), selection in yeast by complementation of LEU2 (pVT-L series, size 6.3 kb) or URA3 gene (pVT-U series, size 6.9 kb) and seven unique restriction sites for cloning within an 'expression cassette' which includes the promoter and 3' sequence of the ADH1 gene. The multiple cloning site as well as the ori and intergenic region of the phage f1 have been cloned in two orientations for convenient gene cloning and ssDNA strand selection. As a result any of these eight vectors can be chosen for cloning, expressing genes in yeast, sequencing and mutagenesis without the need for recloning into specialized vectors.

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