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, 19 (12), 74

Review of Immune Therapies Targeting Ovarian Cancer


Review of Immune Therapies Targeting Ovarian Cancer

Cong Ava Fan et al. Curr Treat Options Oncol.


The rise of immunotherapy is the greatest advance in oncology to occur over the last several years, but applications in gynecologic malignancies lag behind other tumors. The term "immunotherapy" envelops monoclonal antibodies as receptor mediators, including immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICPI), cancer vaccines, and adoptive immunotherapies alone or in combination with other therapeutic approaches. The purpose of this review is to summarize the status of immunotherapy trials in ovarian cancer and to specifically highlight data published in the last 1-2 years.

Keywords: Adoptive immunotherapy; Anti-angiogenic; Atezolizumab; Avelumab; BRCA 1/2 mutation; Bevacizumab; CAR-T cells; CTLA-4; Cancer vaccine; Folate receptor alpha; Folate-binding protein; HER2; Immune checkpoint inhibitors; Immunotherapy; Ipilimumab; MAGE; Mesothelin; Microsatellite instability; Mirvetuximab soravtansine; NK cells; NY-ESO; Nivolumab; Ovarian cancer; PARP inhibitors; PD-L1; PD-L2; PD1; Pembrolizumab; T cells; TILS; p53.

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