[A pilot study of the unilateral centrifugation subjective visual vertical in healthy young people]

Zhonghua Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke Za Zhi. 2018 Nov 7;53(11):811-814. doi: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.1673-0860.2018.11.003.
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Objective: To evaluate the data of unilateral centrifugation subjective visual vertical (UC-SVV) in healthy young people.To study the function of utricle. Methods: Between Decem ber 2017 and May 2018, thirty-two healthy young volunteers were tested by static subjective visual vertical(SVV) and low velocity UC-SVV with Neuro Kinetics Inc I-portal 6.0 Video nystagmus recording system and NOTC rotating chair system.The static SVV preset angle were -15.00°, 15.00°, -20.00°, 20.00°, -12.00° and 12.00° respectively.UC-SVV test parameters: rotating chair's peak speed was 60°/s.The shift time from the middle to the lateral position was 30 s and the displacement was 3.85 cm.The chair rotated at 60 s at left, right and middle positions.Subjects underwent SVV during this period.SPSS 17.0 software was used to analyze the data. Results: The mean and standard deviation of static SVV deviation in 32 volunteers was 0.21°±0.17°, 95%CI (-0.14°, 0.55°). The mean and standard deviation of UC-SVV in the left, middle and right positions of the clockwise was 0.24°±0.25°, -0.10°±0.27°, -0.63°±0.26°, 95%CI(-0.26°, 0.74°), (-0.65°, 0.44°), (-1.16°, -0.10°). The mean and standard deviation of UC-SVV in the left, middle and right positions of the counter clockwise was 0.03°±0.27°, -0.11°±0.26°, -0.23°±0.26°, 95%CI(-0.52°, 0.59°), (-0.65°, 0.42°), (-0.76°, 0.30°). There was significant difference in the deviation between the left and the right side of counter clockwise rotation of UC-SVV(t=2.432, P<0.05), however, there was no significant difference in the angle of deviation between the left and right sides and the median position(t value was 0.951, -1.400, both P>0.05). There was no significant difference among each position in clockwise rotation of UC-SVV(F=0.253, P>0.05). Conclusion: UC-SVV test with peak speed of 60°/s can cause vertical line deviation in the left and right lateral position, but the angle is small and the value of clinical application is limited.

目的: 探讨健康青年人单边离心主观视觉垂直线相关参数(unilateral centrifugation subjective visual vertical,UC-SVV),以期对椭圆囊功能进行更深入的探究。 方法: 2017年12月至2018年5月,采用美国Neuro Kinetics Inc I-Portal 6.0视频眼震记录系统、NOTC转移系统对天津市第一中心医院32名健康青年志愿者进行静态主观视觉垂直线及低速UC-SVV测试。志愿者中男性13名,女性19名;年龄20~32岁,中位年龄23岁。静态主观视觉垂直线预设角度为:-15.00°、15.00°、-20.00°、20.00°、-12.00°、12.00°。UC-SVV测试参数:转椅经10 s匀加速旋转达峰速60°/s后开始向侧位平移,平移时间30 s,位移3.85 cm,在左右侧位及中间位匀速旋转60 s。受试者在两侧位及中间位分别行UC-SVV测试,记录偏斜角度。以SPSS 17.0软件进行统计学分析。 结果: 32名志愿者静态主观视觉垂直线偏斜角度为0.21°±0.17°(x±s,下同),95%CI为-0.14°~0.55°。逆时针及顺时针UC-SVV左、中、右三个位置的偏斜角度为0.24°±0.25°、-0.10°±0.27°、-0.63°±0.26°,0.03°±0.27°、-0.11°±0.26°、-0.23°±0.26°;95%CI为-0.26°~0.74°、-0.65°~0.44°、-1.16°~-0.10°,-0.52°~0.59°、-0.65°~0.42°、-0.76°~0.30°。逆时针旋转UC-SVV左侧位与右侧位偏斜角度差异有统计学意义(t=2.432,P<0.05),左右侧位与中间位偏斜角度差异无统计学意义(t值分别为0.951、-1.400,P值均>0.05)。顺时针旋转UC-SVV各位置间偏斜角度差异均无统计学意义(F=0.253,P>0.05)。 结论: 峰速为60°/s的UC-SVV测试在侧位可引起垂直线角度偏斜,但倾斜角度较小,临床实用价值有限。.

Keywords: Unilateral centrifugation subjective visual vertical; Utricle; Vestibular function tests.

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