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Clinical Trial
, 148 (9), 1969-70

Verapamil vs Quinine in Recumbent Nocturnal Leg Cramps in the Elderly

  • PMID: 3046538
Clinical Trial

Verapamil vs Quinine in Recumbent Nocturnal Leg Cramps in the Elderly

N Baltodano et al. Arch Intern Med.


In an open-labeled trial with eight elderly patients (aged 62 to 87 years) suffering from nocturnal leg cramps refractory to treatment with quinine sulfate, we ruled out other active disease processes and substituted verapamil hydrochloride therapy (120 mg at bedtime). Response to treatment was assessed by biweekly observations by the primary care physician and nightly by the research registered nurse for the entire duration of the trial, lasting eight weeks. Observations made and clinical conditions reported were indicative of improvement and disappearance of cramping when therapy was changed from quinine to verapamil. This noteworthy improvement in patients with recumbent nocturnal leg cramps is an important finding and merits further investigation.

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