Effects of Bacillus subtilis C-3102 on production, hatching performance, egg quality, serum antioxidant capacity and immune response of laying breeders

J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl). 2019 Jan;103(1):182-190. doi: 10.1111/jpn.13022. Epub 2018 Nov 28.


To investigate the supplemental effects of Bacillus subtilis C-3102 on the production, hatching performance, egg quality, serum antioxidant capacity and immune response of laying breeders, a total of 480 Xuefeng black-bone (25-week-old) hens were randomly assigned into four treatment groups: Hens fed the basal diets with 0 (CON), 3.0 × 105 (BS-1), 6.0 × 105 cfu/g (BS-2) and 9.0 × 105 (BS-3) cfu/g of B. subtilis C-3102. As the B. subtilis C-3102 level increased, egg weight (linear, p < 0.01; quadratic, p = 0.003), fertility (linear, p = 0.021; quadratic, p = 0.059), hatchability (linear, p = 0.038; quadratic, p = 0.119) and yolk colour (linear, p = 0.006; quadratic, p = 0.021) increased in a linear or quadratic manner. Yolk index increased quadratically (linear, p = 0.054; quadratic, p = 0.017), and eggshell thickness (linear, p = 0.036; quadratic, p = 0.128), the activity of GSH-Px (linear, p = 0.024; quadratic, p = 0.078), the concentration of IgM (linear, p = 0.016; quadratic, p = 0.056) and the level of AIV-Ab (linear, p = 0.034; quadratic, p = 0.103) in the serum increased linearly as dietary supplementation of B. subtilis C-3102 increased. The results showed that dietary treatments did not affect egg production, feed conversion ratio, egg mass, hatchability of fertile eggs, eggshell-breaking strength, egg-shape index, yolk percentage, Haugh unit, T-SOD, T-AOC, MDA, IgA and IgG concentrations and the level of NDV-Ab in the serum. In conclusion, dietary supplementation of 9.0 × 105 cfu/g B. subtilis C-3102 in laying breeders diets may be a feasible means of effectively increasing egg weight, fertility and hatchability, and improving egg quality such as eggshell thickness, yolk index and yolk colour. Besides, B. subtilis C-3102 can enhance the activity of GSH-Px, the concentration of IgM and the level of AIV-Ab in the serum.

Keywords: Bacillus subtilis; antioxidant capacity; egg quality; immune response; laying breeders; performance.

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