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Case Reports
, 131 (23), 2897-2898

A Case of Primary Seminal Vesicle Cystadenoma

Case Reports

A Case of Primary Seminal Vesicle Cystadenoma

Ya-Xin Niu et al. Chin Med J (Engl).

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Figure 1
Figure 1
(a) Noncontrast CT image showed a solid-cystic retrovesical mass. CT value of solid mass was about 56 HU, and that of cystic portion was about 16 HU; (b-d) Contrast-enhanced CT images showed a solid mass on arterial, venous, and delayed phase presenting with a mild to medium and persistent enhancement. CT value of solid mass on arterial, venous, and delayed phase was about 64 HU, 75 HU, and 62 HU, respectively (b: arterial phase, c: venous phase, d: delayed phase); (e) T1WI image: cystic elements presented slightly higher intensity than muscle and solid portion presented heterogeneous signs; (f) T2WI image: cystic portion presented a homogeneous hyperintensity; (g-i) Contrast-enhanced T1WI images: solid portion presented with a mild-to-medium inhomogeneous enhancement and cystic space presented nonenhancement; (j) DWI image: solid portion was hypointensity, and cystic portion was hyperintensity, compared with muscle; (k) Sagittal T2WI image: a large mass might arise from the seminal vesicle, and bladder and rectum were oppressed with the lesion; (l) H and E staining results: innumerable cysts of varying sizes were filled with homogeneous acidophilus granules, with no malignant features. Cysts were lined by simple cubical epithelial cells, and the stromal cells were spindle-shaped (scale bar = 200 μm). CT: Computed tomography; HU: Hounsfield unit; T1WI: T1-weighted imaging; T2WI: T2-weighted imaging; DWI: Diffusion-weighted imaging.

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