Characterization of Tunable Micro-Lenses with a Versatile Optical Measuring System

Sensors (Basel). 2018 Dec 12;18(12):4396. doi: 10.3390/s18124396.


In this work, we present the results of the opto⁻electro⁻mechanical characterization of tunable micro-lenses, Tlens®, performed with a single-spot optical measuring system. Tested devices are composed of a transparent soft polymer layer that is deposited on a supporting glass substrate and is covered by a glass membrane with a thin-film piezoelectric actuator on top. Near-infrared optical low-coherence reflectometry is exploited for both static and low-frequency dynamic analyses in the time domain. Optical thickness of the layers and of the overall structure, actuation efficiency, and hysteretic behavior of the piezo-actuator as a function of driving voltage are obtained by processing the back-reflected signal in different ways. The use of optical sources with relatively short coherence lengths allows performing interferometric measurements without spurious resonance effects due to multiple parallel interfaces, furthermore, selecting the plane/layer to be monitored. We finally report results of direct measurements of Tlens® optical power as a function of driving voltage, performed by redirecting a He-Ne laser beam on the lens and monitoring the focused spot at various distances with a digital camera.

Keywords: lenses; micro-optics; microelectromechanical devices; optical interferometry; optical metrology; optical polymers; optical signal detection; piezoelectric actuators; piezoelectric film; thin film.