The Effect of Low-Level Laser on Postoperative Pain After Elective Cesarean Section

Anesth Pain Med. 2018 Nov 20;8(6):e84195. doi: 10.5812/aapm.84195. eCollection 2018 Dec.


Background: Postoperative pain is one of the major concerns about a cesarean in pregnant women that can lead to serious complications and delayed recovery for patients.

Objectives: The objective is to investigate the effect of low power laser on acute pain after elective cesarean.

Methods: In this randomized, double-blind clinical trial, 80 candidates for an elective cesarean were divided randomly into two groups, control and laser. The type of surgery was the same for both groups, which contained the spinal anesthesia technique. At the end of surgery, the surgical incision in patients who were treated with laser, (GaAlAs: 804 nm and GaAlInp: 650 nm) was irradiated by laser. The control group also received laser off by the same method. Patients were monitored for 24 hours to assess the severity of postoperative pain by VAS, the first request for analgesic and the total consumption of analgesic.

Results: The results demonstrated significant reduction of pain in the laser group 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 hours after surgery, compared with the control group (P value < 0.05). Additionally, the average of total received analgesic in the group laser was less than the controls (P value = 0.006). The first request for analgesic in the laser received group was significantly longer than the controls (P value = 0.005).

Conclusions: Low power laser therapy is a good method to reduce postoperative pain due to the fact that it is a safe and non-invasive method which is also accepted by patients.

Keywords: Cesarean; Low Level Laser; Postoperative Pain.