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Case Reports
, 10 (1), 145-147

Wake-Up Sleepyhead: Unilateral Diencephalic Stroke Presenting With Excessive Sleepiness

Case Reports

Wake-Up Sleepyhead: Unilateral Diencephalic Stroke Presenting With Excessive Sleepiness

R Pradeep et al. J Neurosci Rural Pract.


Altered sleep architecture and stroke share a reciprocal relationship. More than half of the stroke patients display sleep abnormalities including hypersomnia, insomnia, parasomnia, periodic limb movements, or sleep-disordered breathing. Conversely, one of the major causes of severe organic hypersomnia is acute brainstem strokes, involving thalamic infarctions, which may be reversible over 6-12 months. Here, we report a patient with increased lethargy and drowsiness who was diagnosed to have a right thalamic and hypothalamic ischemic stroke.

Keywords: Drowsiness with stroke; paramedian thalamic stroke; thalamic infarction; thalamic stroke.

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There are no conflicts of interest.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Magnetic resonance imaging brain diffusion-weighted imaging images (axial cuts) showing acute infarct in the right thalamus involving the anterior and paramedian regions (a) and the hypothalamus (b)

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