Refractometric Sensing with Periodic Nano-Indented Arrays: Effect of Structural Dimensions

Sensors (Basel). 2019 Feb 21;19(4):897. doi: 10.3390/s19040897.


Fabrication and sensor application of a simple plasmonic structure is described in this paper. The sensor element consists of nano-patterned gold film brought about from two-dimensional periodic photoresist templates created by holographic laser interference lithography. Reflectance spectroscopy revealed that the sensor exhibits significant refractive index sensitivity. A linear relationship between shifts in plasmonic resonances and changes in the refractive index were demonstrated. The sensor has a bulk sensitivity (SB) of 880 nm/refractive index unit and work under normal incidence conditions. This sensitivity exceeded that of many common types of plasmonic sensors with more intricate structures. A modeled spectral response was used to study the effect of its geometrical dimensions on plasmonic behavior. A qualitative agreement between the experimental spectra and modeled ones was obtained.

Keywords: biosensors; nanocups; periodic structures; plasmonic sensors; refractometer.