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, 50 (2), 201-206

Sentinel Node Navigation in Gastric Cancer: Where Do We Stand?


Sentinel Node Navigation in Gastric Cancer: Where Do We Stand?

Georgios D Lianos et al. J Gastrointest Cancer.


Background: Early gastric cancer (EGC) is more common nowadays and is related a to low percentage of lymph node metastasis. For this reason, there is enormous interest to implicate minimally invasive approaches. Recently, special efforts have been made towards a potential intraoperative (real-time) lymph node metastasis (LNM) assessment, as nodal disease status could not be identified with precision before or during surgery. In this direction, accurate prediction of the LNM status through sentinel LN mapping has been attempted, as an approach to the intraoperative detection of sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs). A careful literature search was conducted in order to clarify the potential clinical application of SN biopsy in the gastric cancer field.

Conclusion: The real clinical application of SN biopsy in gastric cancer treatment has been more than challenging due to the "complicated" nature of gastric lymphatic drainage and the high possibility of "skip" metastasis phenomenon. Notably, sophisticated technical aspects, such as the preferred tracer used and the potential "ideal" method to verify the presence of metastases in the resected SLNs, made SN biopsy application in gastric cancer field extremely demanding. Assessing the potential role of SN navigation for gastric cancer treatment in the era of advanced technology, where the minimally invasive surgical approaches are in the top of the scientific interest, it has to be highlighted that SN navigation for gastric cancer is a topic that remains highly controversial, and the need for future clinical trials on this topic is obvious.

Keywords: Gastric cancer; Lymphadenectomy; Minimally invasive surgery; Sentinel lymph node; Sentinel node navigation.

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