Tetrahydromethanopterin methyltransferase, a component of the methane synthesizing complex of Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1986 Apr 29;136(2):542-7. doi: 10.1016/0006-291x(86)90474-2.


A new enzyme, tetrahydromethanopterin methyltransferase, which catalyzes the transfer of methyl groups from methyl-tetrahydromethanopterin to 2-mercaptoethane-sulfonate, has been found in the methane synthesizing complex of Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum. The enzyme is oxygen sensitive and has a well defined pH optimum at pH 6.7. There was no methyl group transfer when the enzyme was heated to 100 degrees for 5 min. The product of the forward reaction, methyl-CoM, was positively identified by TLC and high voltage paper electrophoresis. The demethylation of methyl-CoM, in the absence of methane synthesis, was dependent on the addition of H4MPT which suggests that the enzyme reaction is reversible.

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  • Pterins
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  • tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase
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