PMK-A Knowledge Processing Framework for Autonomous Robotics Perception and Manipulation

Sensors (Basel). 2019 Mar 7;19(5):1166. doi: 10.3390/s19051166.


Autonomous indoor service robots are supposed to accomplish tasks, like serve a cup, which involve manipulation actions. Particularly, for complex manipulation tasks which are subject to geometric constraints, spatial information and a rich semantic knowledge about objects, types, and functionality are required, together with the way in which these objects can be manipulated. In this line, this paper presents an ontological-based reasoning framework called Perception and Manipulation Knowledge (PMK) that includes: (1) the modeling of the environment in a standardized way to provide common vocabularies for information exchange in human-robot or robot-robot collaboration, (2) a sensory module to perceive the objects in the environment and assert the ontological knowledge, (3) an evaluation-based analysis of the situation of the objects in the environment, in order to enhance the planning of manipulation tasks. The paper describes the concepts and the implementation of PMK, and presents an example demonstrating the range of information the framework can provide for autonomous robots.

Keywords: knowledge-based reasoning; perception knowledge; task-motion planning.