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, 35 (6), 825-846

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics for Dental Applications: A Review


Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics for Dental Applications: A Review

Raquel Galante et al. Dent Mater.


Objective: The main goal of this review is to provide a detailed and comprehensive description of the published work from the past decade regarding AM of ceramic materials with possible applications in dentistry. The main printable materials and most common technologies are also addressed, underlining their advantages and main drawbacks.

Methods: Online databases (Web of knowledge, Science Direct, PubMed) were consulted on this topic. Published work from 2008 to 2018 was collected, analyzed and the relevant papers were selected for inclusion on this review.

Results: Ceramic materials are broadly used in dentistry to restore/replace damaged or missing teeth, due to their biocompatibility, chemical stability and mechanical and aesthetic properties. However, there are several unmet challenges regarding their processing and performance. Due to their brittleness nature, a very tight control of the manufacturing process is needed to obtain dental pieces with adequate mechanical properties. Additive manufacturing (AM) is an emerging technology that constitutes an interesting and viable manufacturing alternative to the conventional subtractive methods. AM enables the production of customized complex 3D parts in a more sustainable and less expensive way. AM of ceramics can be achieved with an extensive variety of methods.

Significance: There is no perfect technology for all materials/applications, capable alone of fulfilling all the specificities and necessities of every patient. Although very promising, AM of ceramic dental materials remains understudied and further work is required to make it a widespread technology in dentistry.

Keywords: 3D printing; Additive manufacturing; Ceramics; Dental prosthesis; Dentistry.

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