Validation of Three-dimensional Electronic Portal Imaging Device-based PerFRACTION™ Software for Patient-Specific Quality Assurance

J Med Phys. 2019 Jan-Mar;44(1):16-20. doi: 10.4103/jmp.JMP_76_18.


Purpose: PerFRACTION™ is a three-dimensional (3D) in vivo electronic portal imaging device-based dosimetry software. To validate the software, three phantoms with different inserts (2D array, ionization chamber, and inhomogeneity materials) were constructed to evaluate point dose and fluence map.

Materials and methods: Phantoms underwent independent computed tomography simulation for planning and received repetitive fractions of volumetric modulated arc therapy, simulating prostate treatment. Fluence and absolute point dose measurements, PerFRACTION™ reconstructed doses, and the dose predictions of the planning system were compared.

Results: There was concordance between ionization chamber and PerFRACTION™ 3D absolute point dose measurements. Close agreement was also obtained between X- and Y-axis dose profiles with PerFRACTION™ calculated doses, MapCHECK measured doses, and planning system predicted doses. Setup shifts significantly influenced 2D gamma passing rates in PerFRACTION™ software.

Conclusions: PerFRACTION™ appears reliable and valid under experimental conditions in air and with phantoms.

Keywords: EPID; In-vivo dosimetry; PerFRACTION™; Phantoms; Validation.