Shrinkage and Durability Evaluation of Environmental Load-Reducing FRPCM by Using Silicone Oil

Materials (Basel). 2019 Apr 15;12(8):1240. doi: 10.3390/ma12081240.


In this study, the shrinkage and durability of environmental load-reducing fiber-reinforced polymer cement mortar (FRPCM) were examined by using silicone oil. The results indicated that the shrinkage can be greatly reduced by adding silicone oil. However, when the silicone oil is added in excess, it affects the strength and durability. Therefore, it is possible to obtain the ECO-FRPCM which gives the effect of reducing the shrinkage and maintaining the strength and durability by adding 3% of silicone oil. From the viewpoint of shrinkage reduction, the use of silicone oil is effective as a substitute for an expansive additive or shrinkage reducing agent used in ECO-FRPCM. Also, by appropriately using silicone oil in combination with an expansive additive or a shrinkage reducing agent, shrinkage can be effectively reduced as compared with the conventional ECO-FRPCM. However, when the silicone oil and the shrinkage reducing agent are used in combination, the shrinkage cannot be efficiently reduced. It is considered that the combination of silicone oil and shrinkage reducing agent influences the mutual shrinkage reduction mechanism, but this needs to be further examined in the future.

Keywords: FRPCM; durability; expansive additive; shrinkage; shrinkage reducing agent; silicone oil.