Celluloid zombies: A research study of nurses in zombie-focused feature films

J Adv Nurs. 2019 Aug;75(8):1751-1763. doi: 10.1111/jan.14036. Epub 2019 Jun 17.


Aim: To explore how nurses, who are the principal character of zombie-focused feature films are portrayed.

Design: A mixed methods study with a quantitative exploration of 44,000 feature film synopsis and additional online material for films made between 1900 and 2018 was used. Zombie-focused films (485) were reviewed for their genre, county, year of production, and plot-lines. Ten zombie films featuring nurses in key roles were analysed via an interpretive, qualitative thematic analysis. The study was undertaken between May 2018 - November 2018.

Method: A quantitative review of film synopses and relevant movie specific web sites or key literature for the word, 'zombie' and/or 'zombie nurse' and an interpretive, qualitative thematic analysis of nurse specific zombie films.

Results: Most of the 485 zombie-focused films located were produced or co-produced in the USA. Only 115 zombie-focused feature films were identified with health professionals, of these, 27 films featured nurses, 10 with nurses in the main role. Nurses were portrayed as romantic, sexualized, caring, self-sacrificial and strong or evil, however, the over-arching representation of nurses in zombie films was tied to the depravity from which zombie sub-culture is based.

Conclusion: Few zombie films feature nurses in the main role. However, the negative, violent and deprived nature of this genre offers a poor reflection on nursing.

Impact: How nurses are portrayed in films is important because it influences how the public, patients, and nurses themselves view their profession and role. Understanding the way nurses are portrayed may help professional bodies to better prepare recruitment material.

目的: 探讨如何刻画护士这一僵尸题材电影的主要角色。 设计: 采用混合方法研究,对44,000部故事片简介和1900年至2018年制作电影的附加在线材料进行定量探索。针对僵尸题材电影(485部)的类型、县级、制作年份和情节线索进行了审查。通过一项解释型和定性型主题性分析,分析了十部由护士扮演关键角色的僵尸电影。于2018年5月至2018年11月进行该研究。 方法: 对电影简介和相关电影特定网站或关键词‘僵尸’和/或‘僵尸护士’的重要文献进行定量综述,并对护士特定僵尸电影进行解释型和定性型主题性分析。 结果: 485部僵尸题材电影大部分是在美国制作或联合制作的。只有115部僵尸题材电影以保健专业人士而著名,其中27部电影以护士为主题,10部以护士为主角。护士被描绘成浪漫的、性感的、有同情心的、自我牺牲的、坚定的或邪恶的,然而,僵尸电影中护士的总体表征与僵尸亚文化所基于的堕落相联系在一起。 结论: 很少有僵尸电影以护士为主角。然而,这种类型的消极性、暴力性和剥夺性本质给护理提供了一个很坏的影响。 影响: 电影中护士的刻画方式很重要,因为它影响了公众、患者和护士自己对自己职业和角色的看法。了解护士的刻画方式有助于专业机构更好地准备招聘材料。.

Keywords: image of nurses; nurses; nurses in film; qualitative; quantitative; zombies.

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