Localization of Sliding Movements Using Soft Tactile Sensing Systems with Three-axis Accelerometers

Sensors (Basel). 2019 Apr 30;19(9):2036. doi: 10.3390/s19092036.


This paper presents a soft tactile sensor system for the localization of sliding movements on a large contact surface using an accelerometer. The system consists of a silicone rubber base with a chamber covered by a thin silicone skin in which a three-axis accelerometer is embedded. By pressurizing the chamber, the skin inflates, changing its sensitivity to the sliding movement on the skin's surface. Based on the output responses of the accelerometer, the sensor system localizes the sliding motion. First, we present the idea, design, fabrication process, and the operation principle of our proposed sensor. Next, we created a numerical simulation model to investigate the dynamic changes of the accelerometer's posture under sliding actions. Finally, experiments were conducted with various sliding conditions. By confirming the numerical simulation, dynamic analysis, and experimental results, we determined that the sensor system can detect the sliding movements, including the sliding directions, velocity, and localization of an object. We also point out the role of pressurization in the sensing system's sensitivity under sliding movements, implying the ideal pressurization for it. We also discuss its limitations and applicability. This paper reflects our developed research in intelligent integration and soft morphological computation for soft tactile sensing systems.

Keywords: localization and object detecting; soft tactile sensing system; three-axis accelerometer.