Use of a Tablet Attachment in Teleophthalmology for Real-Time Video Transmission from Rural Vision Centers in a Three-Tier Eye Care Network in India: eyeSmart Cyclops

Int J Telemed Appl. 2019 Apr 1;2019:5683085. doi: 10.1155/2019/5683085. eCollection 2019.


Purpose: This study describes the development of an attachment for a smart tablet to stream live video information of an eye examination through the slit lamp.

Methods: A tablet attachment was developed that enables the live streaming of video from the slit lamp from the rural vision centers of the LVPEI network. A video streaming solution like Skype Lite was used to transmit the same. The eyeSmart app was utilized for the documentation of the clinical information of the patients.

Results: A tablet attachment of eyeSmart Cyclops was developed and piloted in 3 vision centers of the LVPEI network.

Conclusion: The use of real-time video transmission illustrates a novel teleophthalmology solution in low resource settings to screen rural populations. The ability to transmit live video enables gathering more information than static images.