Evaluation of modified Ponseti technique in treatment of complex clubfeet

J Clin Orthop Trauma. May-Jun 2019;10(3):599-608. doi: 10.1016/j.jcot.2018.05.017. Epub 2018 May 28.


Background: Complex clubfoot does not respond to ponseti method. In 2006 Ponseti et al published the results of treatment of such complex club foot by modified ponseti technique, since then it has become standard method of treatment for complex clubfoot. There has been only few published result of this method and hence, here we are evaluating our experience with 16 patients (27 clubfeet) with complex clubfeet treated at our center by modified ponseti method.

Method: Parents of patient fulfilling the criteria for complex clubfoot were consented and registered under the study. Pirani score at presentation, at prescription of foot abduction brace and at final follow up was noted. total number of casts required for desired correction, number of cast before and after tenotomy, need of tendoachilles tenotomy, relapse and complications were documented.

Result: Average follow up duration was 14.762 months (Range 6 month to 22 months). Of the total 16 patients 11 had bilateral complex clubfoot and 5 had unilateral complex clubfoot, the mean pirani score at the time of presentation was 5.5741 (range 4.5-6), Mean pirani score at latest follow up was 0.0556. Average no. of casts required for the complete correction with modified ponseti method was 7.44 (ranging from 6 to 10 casts). All 27 feet (100%) required tendo achillies tenotomy. Percutaneous tenotomy was done in 19 feet while 8 feet required Mini-Open tenotomy (due to thick pad of fat tendon was not palpable). Relapse rate was 11.11% (3 feet) [all had relapse of equinus, fore foot adduction treated by remanipulation by modified ponseti technique, retenotomy and casting]. An excellent result was achieved with at final follow-up in all 27 feet.

Conclusion: In our experience modified ponseti technique for treatment of complex clubfoot is a successful method of treatment if aided with tendoachilles tenotomy, also it has reduced the requirement of surgical intervention in such patients.Level of Evidence - Level IV.

Keywords: Complex clubfoot; Modified ponseti.