Cosmetic recontouring for achieving anterior esthetics

Int J Esthet Dent. 2019;14(2):134-146.


Cosmetic recontouring based on the enameloplasty of natural teeth is a treatment with esthetic benefits that can be considered both economical and safe. Not only does the clinician need to restore the harmony of the smile, but treatment planning must also take the functional aspects of the restoration into consideration. One way to recontour is through an additive technique with direct composite resin that improves the esthetic outcome of the final treatment. Of the various types of treatment that can be offered in the dental clinic, cosmetic recontouring is a conservative one with low biological and financial cost that obtains good functional and esthetic results. This article describes a clinical case including enameloplasty and the addition of direct composite resin to improve the balance and harmony of the smile and dentition.

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