Arid3a regulates mesoderm differentiation in mouse embryonic stem cells

J Stem Cell Ther Transplant. 2017;1(1):52-62. doi: 10.29328/journal.jsctt.1001005. Epub 2017 Sep 7.


Research into regulation of the differentiation of stem cells is critical to understanding early developmental decisions and later development growth. The transcription factor ARID3A previously was shown to be critical for trophectoderm and hematopoetic development. Expression of ARID3A increases during embryonic differentiation, but the underlying reason remained unclear. Here we show that Arid3a null embryonic stem (ES) cells maintain an undifferentiated gene expression pattern and form teratomas in immune-compromised mice. However, Arid3a null ES cells differentiated in vitro into embryoid bodies (EBs) significantly faster than control ES cells, and the majority forming large cystic embryoid EBs. Analysis of gene expression during this transition indicated that Arid3a nulls differentiated spontaneously into mesoderm and neuroectoderm lineages. While young ARID3A-deficient mice showed no gross tissue morphology, proliferative and structural abnormalities were observed in the kidneys of older null mice. Together these data suggest that ARID3A is not only required hematopoiesis, but is critical for early mesoderm differentiation.