A Study of Creating Face Photographs Set Including Different Levels of Attractiveness

Noro Psikiyatr Ars. 2019 May 2;56(2):127-132. doi: 10.29399/npa.22923. eCollection 2019 Jun.


Introduction: This study was aimed to create a set of photographs including human faces with neutral expression and different levels of attractiveness that can be utilized scientifically by different disciplines and for different scopes.

Methods: In total, 186 students (120 females, 66 males) volunteered to be photographed in passport style with a neutral expression. In these pictures there was no make-up, earring, or piercing. These photographs were evaluated by the participants for the neutrality and attractiveness. The secondary sex characteristics of the faces were also assessed.

Results: Symmetrical faces were created by taking the mirror image of the right and left sides of the faces because sufficient number of photographs could not be obtained at the first stage. According to the evaluations of these photographs by the participants, 26 attractive (13 females, 13 males) and 26 average (13 females, 13 male) faces were selected for the final set.

Conclusion: Finally, a set of 52 photographs representing human faces with neutral expression with different levels of attractiveness is developed. According to the measurement of the secondary sexual characteristics, attractive and average faces differ in terms of the width of the eyes, the nasal area, and the length of the chin. Thus, a scientific-based FaceSet including different levels of the attractiveness has been available for the use by those concerned.

Keywords: Facial attractiveness; face photographs set; neutral faces; secondary sexual characteristic; symmetry.