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, 19 (8), e1900123

Development of Gelatin-Alginate Hydrogels for Burn Wound Treatment


Development of Gelatin-Alginate Hydrogels for Burn Wound Treatment

Birgit Stubbe et al. Macromol Biosci.


Hydrogels are interesting as wound dressing for burn wounds to maintain a moist environment. Especially gelatin and alginate based wound dressings show strong potential. Both polymers are modified by introducing photocrosslinkable functionalities and combined to hydrogel films (gel-MA/alg-MA). In one protocol gel-MA films are incubated in alg-MA solutions and crosslinked afterward into double networks. Another protocol involves blending both and subsequent photocrosslinking. The introduction of alginate into the gelatin matrix results in phase separation with polysaccharide microdomains in a protein matrix. Addition of alg(-MA) to gel-MA leads to an increased swelling compared to 100% gelatin and similar to the commercial Aquacel Ag dressing. In vitro tests show better cell adhesion for films which have a lower alginate content and also have superior mechanical properties. The hydrogel dressings exhibit good biocompatibility with adaptable cell attachment properties. An adequate gelatin-alginate ratio should allow application of the materials as wound dressings for several days without tissue ingrowth.

Keywords: alginate; burn wound; gelatin; hydrogels; wound dressing.

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