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, 15 (1), 11-12

Interaction of Nutrition and Exercise on Bone and Muscle


Interaction of Nutrition and Exercise on Bone and Muscle

Faidra Laskou et al. Eur Endocrinol.


Physical activity and nutritional factors, such as calcium and vitamin D intake, have been shown in numerous studies to be beneficial to musculoskeletal health at different points in the lifecourse. However, the evidence that physical activity and nutrition may act synergistically for benefit is far more sparce; the best data come from studies that consider calcium, vitamin D or creatine supplementation in combination with physical activity interventions to promote better musculoskeletal health. Some observational data also suggest that a 'healthier' lifestyle, characterised by a more 'prudent' diet and higher reported levels of physical activity is also associated with better musculoskeletal health in late adulthood. Given the public health burden of osteoporosis and sarcopenia in our aging population, well designed randomised controlled trials are now timely and much needed.

Keywords: Bone; activity; lifecourse; muscle; nutrition.

Conflict of interest statement

Disclosure: Faidra Laskou and Elaine Dennison have nothing to declare in relation to this article.

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