BiomiMETRIC Assistance Tool: A Quantitative Performance Tool for Biomimetic Design

Biomimetics (Basel). 2019 Jul 10;4(3):49. doi: 10.3390/biomimetics4030049.


This article presents BiomiMETRIC, a quantitative performance tool for biomimetic design. This tool is developed as a complement to the standard ISO 18458 Biomimetics-terminology, concepts, and methodology to quantitatively evaluate the biomimetics performance of a design, a project, or a product. BiomiMETRIC is aimed to assist designers, architects, and engineers to facilitate the use of the biomimetic approach beyond the existing frameworks, and to provide an answer to the following question: How can a quantitative evaluation of biomimetic performance be carried out? The biomimetic quantitative performance tool provides a method of quantitative analysis by combining the biomimetic approach with the impact assessment methods used in life-cycle analysis. Biomimetic design is divided into eight steps. The seventh step deals with performance assessment, verifying that the concept developed is consistent with the 10 sustainable ecosystem principles proposed by the Biomimicry Institute. In the application of the biomimetic quantitative performance tool, stone wool and cork are compared as insulation materials used in biomimetic architecture projects to illustrate the relevance and added value of the tool. Although it is bio-based, cork has a lower biomimetic performance according to the indicators used by the biomimetic quantitative performance tool presented in this article.

Keywords: biomimetic methodology; engineering design tool; life-cycle analysis; life’s principles; sustainable design.