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, 5 (1), 17-21

New Treatments for HCV: Perspective From Asia


New Treatments for HCV: Perspective From Asia

Ming-Lung Yu et al. Clin Liver Dis (Hoboken).


Figure 1
Figure 1
DAA landscape in Asian countries. AU, Australia; DAA, directly‐acting antiviral agent; HK, Hong Kong; ID, Indonesia; JP, Japan; KR, Korea; MO, Macau; MY, Malaysia; NZ, New Zealand; P, peginterferon; PH, Philippines; R, ribavirin, SG, Singapore; TH, Thailand; TW, Taiwan; VN, Vietnam; HCV, hepatitis C virus.
Figure 2
Figure 2
HCV Practice Recommendations in the transition era of DAA in Asian countries. (2a) IFN‐eligible naïve patients without DAA available; (2b) IFN‐eligible naïve patients with DAA available; (2c) IFN‐eligible experienced patients without DAA available; (2d) IFN‐eligible experienced patients with DAA available. Abbreviations: RVR, rapid virological response, HCV RNA undetectable at week 4; EVR, early virological response, HCV RNA decline > 2 logs at week 12; cEVR, complete EVR, no RVR, but HCV RNA undetectable at week 12; HCV RNA decline > 2 logs but detectable at week 12. BL, baseline; IL28B CC, interleukin‐28B CC genotype; PegIFN, peginterferon; RBV, ribavirin; W, treatment week; G2, HCV genotype 2; DAA, directly‐acting antiviral agent.

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