Requirement Prediction for Toluene Detox With Foods Intake Rich in CYP2E1 Enzyme and Glycine to Prevent Nerve and Kidney Damage at Shoe Home Industry Workers in Romokalisari Surabaya

Open Access Maced J Med Sci. 2019 Jun 10;7(11):1788-1793. doi: 10.3889/oamjms.2019.356. eCollection 2019 Jun 15.


Background: Toluene was an organic compound used in chemical and drug industries, the main source of toluene emissions from fires. To reduce and even eliminate toluene toxins in chemical component could be using detoxification by foods.

Aim: This research aimed to calculate the intake of foods rich in CYP2E1 enzyme and glycine to improve toluene detoxification.

Methods: The type of research was a descriptive study. The subject of the study was 51 workers in Romokalisari Surabaya who had worked for more than or equal to 10 years. Variables were body weight, duration of working (years), working time per week (days), and working time per day (hours). The breathing rate, intake of non-carcinogen per respondent, can be calculated by variables before. Then, the effective dose of food rich in CYP2E1 enzyme and glycine will be obtained.

Results: Majority respondents had toluene concentrations below the threshold limit value (TLV). The highest effective dose of foods rich in CYP2E1 enzymes such as beef liver, beef brain, and salmon was 239.61 g, 745.45 g, and 203.3 g. Also, foods rich in glycines such as seaweed, tuna, and spinach were 432.98 mg, 934.41 mg, and 2070.71 mg.

Conclusion: The level of adequacy of the CYP2E1 enzyme and glycine of each person was different and varied. The effective dose required by each respondent depending on weight, length of work, and concentration of benzene in the workplace. The greater the toluene concentration, the greater the needs for foods rich in CYP2E1 enzymes and glycine. Body weight can also be another factor in differences in individual intake. Weight, length of working, and toluene concentration can affect the intake of non-carcinogen in each which can affect the effective dose of foods.

Keywords: CYP2E1; Detoxification; Glycine; Toluene; Workers.