Design and Analysis of a Magnetically Coupled Multi-Frequency Hybrid Energy Harvester

Sensors (Basel). 2019 Jul 20;19(14):3203. doi: 10.3390/s19143203.


The approach to improve the output power of piezoelectric energy harvester is one of the current research hotspots. In the case where some sources have two or more discrete vibration frequencies, this paper proposed three types of magnetically coupled multi-frequency hybrid energy harvesters (MHEHs) to capture vibration energy composed of two discrete frequencies. Electromechanical coupling models were established to analyze the magnetic forces, and to evaluate the power generation characteristics, which were verified by the experimental test. The optimal structure was selected through the comparison. With 2 m/s2 excitation acceleration, the optimal peak output power was 2.96 mW at 23.6 Hz and 4.76 mW at 32.8 Hz, respectively. The superiority of hybrid energy harvesting mechanism was demonstrated. The influences of initial center-to-center distances between two magnets and length of cantilever beam on output power were also studied. At last, the frequency sweep test was conducted. Both theoretical and experimental analyses indicated that the proposed MHEH produced more electric power over a larger operating bandwidth.

Keywords: broadband; electromechanical; hybrid energy harvester; magnetically coupled; multi-frequency.