Magnetoresistance and Thermal Transformation Arrest in Pd 2 Mn 1.4 Sn 0.6 Heusler Alloys

Materials (Basel). 2019 Jul 19;12(14):2308. doi: 10.3390/ma12142308.


The magnetization, electric resistivity, and magnetoresistance properties of Pd 2 Mn 1 . 4 Sn 0 . 6 Heusler alloys were investigated. The Curie temperature of the parent phase, martensitic transformation temperatures, and magnetic field dependence of the martensitic transformation temperatures were determined. The magnetoresistance was investigated from 10 to 290 K, revealing both intrinsic and extrinsic magnetoresistance properties for this alloy. A maximum of about - 3 . 5 % of intrinsic magnetoresistance under 90 kOe and of about - 30 % of extrinsic magnetoresistance under 180 kOe were obtained. Moreover, the thermal transformation arrest phenomenon was confirmed in the Pd 2 Mn 1 . 4 Sn 0 . 6 alloy, and an abnormal heating-induced martensitic transformation (HIMT) behavior was observed.

Keywords: Heusler alloy; Pd–Mn–Sn; electric resistivity; magnetoresistance; martensitic transformation; thermal transformation arrest.