Developing a standardized list of entomological collection methods for use in databases

Zookeys. 2019 Jul 8;861:145-156. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.861.32347. eCollection 2019.


The current natural history specimen databasing paradigm focuses on standardizing occurrence data: where and when a specimen was collected. In order to gather more information about a particular species, researchers also must know how to encounter, and possibly collect, the species. For entomological specimens, collection method terminology written on labels has not been standardized, and perhaps should not be; however, use of a broad-scale collection method framework may aid in communication among researchers especially within the context of public databases. Three main categories of collection methods are proposed: active human collecting; active specimen orientation; and passive specimen collection and/or concentration. General categories contain more specific sub-categories and so on. A bibliography of useful works describing entomological collection and curation methods (e.g., "How to make an insect collection") is provided.

Keywords: curation; entomology; insect; museum.