Mass Spectrometry in Advancement of Redox Precision Medicine

Adv Exp Med Biol. 2019:1140:327-358. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-15950-4_19.


Redox (portmanteau of reduction-oxidation) reactions involve the transfer of electrons between chemical species in biological processes fundamental to life. It is of outmost importance that cells maintain a healthy redox state by balancing the action of oxidants and antioxidants; failure to do so leads to a multitude of diseases including cancer, diabetes, fibrosis, autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. From the perspective of precision medicine, it is therefore beneficial to interrogate the redox phenotype of the individual-similar to the use of genomic sequencing-in order to design tailored strategies for disease prevention and treatment. This chapter provides an overview of redox metabolism and focuses on how mass spectrometry (MS) can be applied to advance our knowledge in redox biology and precision medicine.

Keywords: DNA oxidation; Lipidomics; Mass spectrometry; Metabolomics; Oxidative stress; Precision medicine; Proteomics; Redox biomarkers.

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