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, 57 (5), 957-976

Overuse Injuries of the Wrist


Overuse Injuries of the Wrist

Eva Llopis et al. Radiol Clin North Am.


Overuse is defined as repetitive microtrauma that overwhelms the tissues' ability to adapt. Microtrauma represents damage at molecular level and can be produced by either a tension or shear load. The wrist and hand are vulnerable to upper extremity overuse injuries related to work or sports activities that require repetitive movements, often coupled with weight bearing. These injuries create challenges for orthopedic surgeons and radiologists because of the demands on athletes and employees. A thorough understanding of the mechanism of injury, activities, and magnetic resonance imaging findings is necessary for accurate diagnosis, providing key information to perform adequate therapeutic planning.

Keywords: Impaction; Impingement; Intersection; Overuse; Tenosynovitis.

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