Development of high-resolution daily gridded temperature datasets for the central north region of Egypt

Sci Data. 2019 Jul 31;6(1):138. doi: 10.1038/s41597-019-0144-0.


This study developed 0.05° × 0.05° land-only datasets of daily maximum and minimum temperatures in the densely populated Central North region of Egypt (CNE) for the period 1981-2017. Existing coarse-resolution datasets were evaluated to find the best dataset for the study area to use as a base of the new datasets. The Climate Prediction Centre (CPC) global temperature dataset was found to be the best. The CPC data were interpolated to a spatial resolution of 0.05° latitude/longitude using linear interpolation technique considering the flat topography of the study area. The robust kernel density distribution mapping method was used to correct the bias using observations, and WorldClim v.2 temperature climatology was used to adjust the spatial variability in temperature. The validation of CNE datasets using probability density function skill score and hot and cold extremes tail skill scores showed remarkable improvement in replicating the spatial and temporal variability in observed temperature. Because CNE datasets are the best available high-resolution estimate of daily temperatures, they will be beneficial for climatic and hydrological studies.

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