Cryopreservation of blueberry shoot tips derived from in vitro and current shoots using D cryo-plate technique

Plant Biotechnol (Tokyo). 2017;34(1):1-5. doi: 10.5511/plantbiotechnology.16.1231b. Epub 2017 Mar 4.


Cryopreservation is an important tool for long-term storage of plant germplasm that is currently used for plant germplasm storage at many institutes worldwide. Recently, novel cryogenic procedures (V and D cryo-plate methods) have been developed. In this study, the most suitable conditions for preserving blueberry shoot tips derived from in vitro and current shoots using the D cryo-plate method were investigated. The D cryo-plate method has advantages such as higher regrowth after cryopreservation and a more user-friendly process compared with conventional cryogenic methods. The optimum duration of desiccation for regrowth of shoot tips from each shoot type was 1 h. To induce dehydration tolerance for the shoot tips, the effects of two cryoprotection treatments (sucrose preculture and loading solution [LS] treatment) on shoot regrowth after cryopreservation were investigated. The combined effect of both treatments significantly increased percentage regrowth (approximately 90%). No regrowth of shoot tips was attained without the two treatments. Thus, preculture and LS treatment were effective to induce dehydration tolerance for cryopreservation of blueberry shoot tips. The optimized conditions for blueberry shoot tips using the D cryo-plate technique were: preculture with 0.3 M sucrose for 1 day, LS treatment (2 M glycerol +0.4-1.0 M sucrose) for 30 min, and air dehydration for 1 h. This optimized procedure was applied to additional blueberry cultivars shoot tips derived from in vitro shoots (regrowth 46.7-100%) and current shoots (regrowth 17.2-62.7%). Furthermore, in vitro shoot tips were suitable material for the D cryo-plate method in blueberry.

Keywords: D cryo-plate; blueberry; cryopreservation; current shoot; in vitro shoot.