Preventive Health Care Behavior Among Albanian American Population; The Albanian Heath Initiative: A Study by the Albanian American Medical Society©

J Community Med Public Health. 2018;2(3):CMPH-136. Epub 2018 Jul 9.


Background: Preventive health care measures among immigrants and minority groups are generally underutilized. While there is data available regarding healthcare utilization among several ethnic minorities in the USA, little is known regarding health behavior among Albania American communities.

Objectives: To assess the rate of preventive health screening measures among Albanian American immigrants.

Methods: Cross sectional analysis of data obtained through anonymous surveys offered to Albanian-American adults over eighteen years of age.

Results: Of the 175 participants, 52% were females in the age range of 18-80 years. Body Mass Index (BMI) measured as Kg/m2 was 29.0 ± 0.62 (± SEM) versus 26.3±0.73 for men and women respectively, P < 0.01. Of the above participants of 50 years of age and older, 62% had screening colonoscopy and 49% had hepatitis C screening test irrespective of their gender. Out of the eligible female participants, 68% had a pap smear and 71% had a mammogram.

Conclusion: Preventive health measures such as colonoscopy, mammography and hepatitis C screening, were somewhat comparable to USA population including minority groups. There was a higher rate of marriage among our Albanian cohort (67.5%), compared to that reported in the US A (50.0% reported in 2013). Interestingly, colonoscopy screening rate was higher among USA born and married Albanians.