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, 203 (4), 775-781

Tracing Antiviral CD8 + T Cell Responses Using In Vivo Imaging


Tracing Antiviral CD8 + T Cell Responses Using In Vivo Imaging

Courtney S Malo et al. J Immunol.


Scientists have long valued the power of in vivo observation to answer fundamental biological questions. Over the last 20 years, the application and evolution of intravital microscopy (IVM) has vastly increased our ability to directly visualize immune responses as they are occurring in vivo after infection or immunization. Many IVM strategies employ a strong multiphoton laser that penetrates deeply into the tissues of living, anesthetized mice, allowing the precise tracking of the movement of cells as they navigate complex tissue environments. In the realm of viral infections, IVM has been applied to better understand many critical phases of effector T cell responses, from activation in the draining lymph node, to the execution of effector functions, and finally to the development of tissue-resident memory. In this review, we discuss seminal studies incorporating IVM that have advanced our understanding of the biology of antiviral CD8+ T cells.

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