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Sleep Problems and Attenuated Psychotic Symptoms in Youth at Clinical High-Risk for Psychosis

Sleep Problems and Attenuated Psychotic Symptoms in Youth at Clinical High-Risk for Psychosis

Katrina B Goines et al. Psychiatry Res.


There has been growing interest on the effect of sleep problems on psychotic and prodromal symptoms. The current study investigated cross-sectional relations between sleep problems and attenuated psychotic symptoms in a large sample of 740 youth at Clinical High Risk (CHR) for psychosis in an attempt to replicate previous findings and assess whether findings from general population samples and psychotic samples extend to this CHR sample. Sleep problems were found to be significantly positively associated with attenuated psychotic symptom severity. Sleep problems were also found to be more closely associated with certain specific prodromal symptoms (e.g., suspiciousness and perceptual abnormalities) than other attenuated psychotic symptoms. Further, we found that depression mediated the cross-sectional association between sleep problems and paranoid symptoms only. This adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting the mediation role of depression is more pronounced for paranoid-type psychotic symptoms as compared to other psychotic symptoms (e.g., hallucinations).

Keywords: CHR; Insomnia; Prodromal; Prodrome; Schizophrenia-spectrum.

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