Greek Validation of Emotional Eating Scale for Children and Adolescents

J Mol Biochem. 2019;8(1):26-32.


Aim: In this study, we focused on the Greek validation of the Emotional Eating Scale for Children and Adolescents (EES-C).

Methods: Our sample consisted of 150 students in primary and secondary school settings from two different areas of Greece. Child Depression Inventory (CDI) and State and Trait Anxiety in Children (STAIC) were also used for validation purposes.

Results: The principal component factor analysis for construct validity generated three subscales: eating in response to anger/anxiety, feeling unsettled and de-pression. The EES-C tool was found with high internal reliability (Cronbach's Alpha 0.917).

Conclusions: EES-C is a valid and reliable instrument to detect the emotional eating in children and adolescents in Greece.