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, 11, 78-83

Recent Advancements in Real-World Microbial Fuel Cell Applications


Recent Advancements in Real-World Microbial Fuel Cell Applications

Iwona Gajda et al. Curr Opin Electrochem.


This short review focuses on the recent developments of the Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technology, its scale-up and implementation in real world applications. Microbial Fuel Cells produce (bio)energy from waste streams, which can reduce environmental pollution, but also decrease the cost of the treatment. Although the technology is still considered "new", it has a long history since its discovery, but it is only now that recent developments have allowed its implementation in real world settings, as a precursor to commercialisation.

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    2. This work based on mathematical analysis that characterize the MFC performance from operating variables as a useful tools for potential investments. It is showing that the implementation of MFC is a promising alternative to conventional way of wastewater treatment, and it has potential economic benefits.

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