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Ventriculostomy is one of the most common emergency-based neurosurgical procedures practitioners undertake globally. Approximately 20,000 patients undergo ventriculostomy annually in the US alone.

Claude-Nicholas Le Cat has been credited for performing the first ventricular puncture. However, poor results made Robert Whytt and Benjamin Hill condemn the same.

In 1941, Ingraham and Campbell incorporated

  1. A closed drainage system

  2. A stopcock for preventing over-drainage

  3. A drip chamber to nullify the backflow of CSF, and

  4. A flexible silicone tube for subcutaneous tunneling.

This helped to resurge and revive the application of the procedure on the global front. Franklin Robinson coupled ventricular pressure monitoring with the drainage procedure. ICP-guided rescue therapy for severe head injury was recommended by the Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF) guidelines in 1995.

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