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Case Reports
, 302, 109926

New Aspects of Dental Implants and DNA Technology in Human Identification

Case Reports

New Aspects of Dental Implants and DNA Technology in Human Identification

Hussam Mansour et al. Forensic Sci Int.


Missing, ineligible or delayed reference data to establish conventional dental or DNA identification are common scenarios in forensic practice. Therefore, it is worthwhile to explore new avenues that facilitate human identification. Due to the recent remarkable evolution in the prosthetic dental restorations based on dental implants and the emergence of novel DNA technologies utilized to infer the biological profile, the identification process has become easier than ever before. We report on a characteristic case, which highlights the particular importance of dental implants and DNA approaches in the prospective investigations for human identification. The aim of this publication is to focus on the possibility of identifying the batch numbers, even if they were not engraved in dental implants, making antemortem dental records of dental implants more easily accessible to establish a comparative dental identification. In addition, the reported case presents the supplementary data yielded through estimating the epigenetic age using DNA methylation as well as the biogeographical origin using Y-Haplotype and mitochondrial DNA analyses. Our results demonstrate that expanded oral implant investigations that also include implants extraction and comprehensive microscopic measurements can lead to identifying their batch numbers despite the numerous number of implants systems manufactured and distributed worldwide. Data saved by dental implant manufacturers can be very supportive and represent additional reference data for dental identification, when antemortem dental records are still missing. Furthermore, DNA methylation and mitochondrial DNA analyses can support the progress of investigation.

Keywords: Batch number; Biological profile; DNA; Dental implants; Human identification.

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