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. 2019 Sep 3;36(11):153.
doi: 10.1007/s11095-019-2692-6.

Quality-by-Design Concepts to Improve Nanotechnology-Based Drug Development


Quality-by-Design Concepts to Improve Nanotechnology-Based Drug Development

Meghana Rawal et al. Pharm Res. .


The purpose of this review is to discuss the challenges associated with the development of nanoparticle-based quality drug products in adhering to the principles of quality by design (QbD) and defining appropriate quality parameters towards successful product development. With the advent of nanotechnology into the pharmaceutical field, the novel field of nanomedicine was born. Due to their unique properties in terms of size, conformation and targeted delivery, nanomedicines are able to overcome many drawbacks of conventional medicine. As nano-sized formulations have made their way into more and more therapies, it has became clear that these very unique properties create hurdles for nanomedicines in successfully traversing the regulatory pathways and there is a need to develop nanomedicines in a more controlled and consistent fashion. The elements of a QbD methodology explained in this review enable the development of nano-based formulations in a way that maximizes the possibility of success. The identification of critical quality attributes (CQA) of the drug product and its intermediates are discussed in detail with a focus on nanomaterial-based formulations. In conclusion, QbD and the identification and specification of CQAs at its core are critical to the design, development and growth of nanomaterials in pharmaceuticals.

Keywords: characterization; critical process parameters (CPP); critical quality attributes (CQA); quality by design (QbD); quality target product profile (QTPP).

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