Protective Effect and Mechanisms of New Gelatin on Chemotherapy-Induced Hematopoietic Injury Zebrafish Model

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2019 Aug 21:2019:8918943. doi: 10.1155/2019/8918943. eCollection 2019.


The aim of the study is to explore the protective effect of new gelatin (NG, Xin'ejiao in China) on hematopoietic injury caused by chemotherapy. Zebrafish, at 48 hours post fertilization (hpf), was treated with different chemotherapeutic drugs to establish the zebrafish hematopoietic damage model with reduced thrombocytes and erythrocytes. The protecting effects of NG on the thrombocytes and erythrocytes were observed, respectively, on zebrafish models. Then, the RT-PCR method was used to detect the change of mRNA level of the hematopoiesis-related cytokines scl1, c-myb, pu.1, GATA1, and runx1 genes. The results showed that 50 μg·mL-1 and 100 μg·mL-1 NG rescued and increased the thrombocytes numbers induced by vinorelbine (NVB) and chloramphenicol (CHL) and the erythrocytes numbers induced by methotrexate (MTX), doxorubicin (ADM), and mechlorethamine hydrochloride (MH) in zebrafish models. Meanwhile, the mRNA expression of scl1, c-myb, and GATA1 genes in the NG treatment group was raised compared with the MTX treatment group. Also, the mRNA expression of pu.1 and Runx1 in the NG treatment group was reduced compared with the MTX treatment group. In consequence, traditional Chinese medicine NG showed a certain degree protective effect on hematopoiesis injury induced by chemotherapy in this study, which may depend on the promotion of erythrocytes proliferation and the regulation of the hematopoietic genes level.