Health Product Supply Chains in Developing Countries: Diagnosis of the Root Causes of Underperformance and an Agenda for Reform

Health Syst Reform. 2015 Feb 17;1(2):142-154. doi: 10.4161/23288604.2014.968005. Epub 2015 Apr 28.


Abstract-Well-functioning supply chains to deliver medicines, vaccines, and other health products form the backbone of the health system. Health product supply chains in developing countries are fraught with many problems. Ineffective supply chains weaken the overall health system's ability to respond to the healthcare needs of the population and put treatment programs at risk. This article provides an overview of the structure of health product supply chains in developing countries and outlines the main challenges and their root causes. It aims to identify key areas of reform to ensure that supply chains enable-or at least do not impede-achieving the targeted health outcomes from the increased investments in global health.

Keywords: LMIS; health systems management; logistics; pharmaceuticals; stockout; supply chain; vaccine supply chain.