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, 34 (1), 77-82

Tackling Second-Hand Exposure to Tobacco Smoke and Aerosols of Electronic Cigarettes: The TackSHS Project Protocol

Collaborators, Affiliations

Tackling Second-Hand Exposure to Tobacco Smoke and Aerosols of Electronic Cigarettes: The TackSHS Project Protocol

Esteve Fernández et al. Gac Sanit.


Objective: The TackSHS project aims to comprehensively elucidate the impact that exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS) from cigarettes and second-hand aerosols (SHA) from electronic cigarettes have on the respiratory health of the European population according to socioeconomic characteristics and other determinants.

Method: The TackSHS project involves a series of coordinated studies carried out by 11 academic and public health organisations from six European countries. The project will investigate: a) the determinants of SHS and SHA exposure assessed at the individual level (surveys on representative general population samples) and in common environments (environmental sampling in specific settings); b) the overall disease burden, mortality and morbidity attributable to such exposure; and c) its economic impact in terms of direct health care costs. The project will also examine specific acute respiratory health changes in healthy individuals and patients with respiratory diseases exposed to SHS and SHA. In addition, the project will examine the effectiveness of a novel intervention to reduce SHS exposure in households where smoking is permitted. All these studies are inter-related and involve collaborative coordination among the participant organisations.

Conclusion: The comprehensive, integrated approach of the TackSHS project will enable a significant step forward from the current status quo in the understanding of the impact of SHS and SHA exposure on health and provide the basis for health policy recommendations to help European countries to further reduce the harm caused by SHS and SHA exposure.

Keywords: Aerosols; Burden of disease; Carga de enfermedad; Cigarrillos electrónicos; Economic impact; Electronic cigarette; Electronic nicotine delivery systems; Exposición al aerosol; Humo ambiental del tabaco; Impacto económico; Passive smoking; Respiratory health; Salud respiratoria; Second-hand aerosols; Second-hand smoke; Sistemas electrónicos de administración de nicotina; Tabaquismo pasivo.

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