Reversible Schamroth Sign after Pleural Tumor Resection

Skin Appendage Disord. 2019 Aug;5(5):327-328. doi: 10.1159/000497463. Epub 2019 Apr 3.


The Schamroth sign can be used for the detection of nail clubbing and is associated with pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. This case illustrates a patient with sudden nail clubbing and positive Schamroth sign without any other abnormal clinical or laboratory findings. Radiological workup revealed a pleural tumor, histologically confirmed as a solitary fibrous tumor. After thoracoscopic tumor resection, normalization of the nail clubbing with complete resolution of the Schamroth sign was observed. Our case demonstrates that sudden nail changes with positive Schamroth sign may indicate a new neoplastic pulmonary disease. It is of great importance to increase the awareness of this feature in order to obtain a timely diagnosis, specific treatment, and improved patient care.

Keywords: Digital acropachy; Nail clubbing; Schamroth sign.