Secondary Use of Laboratory Data: Potentialities and Limitations

Iran J Pathol. 2019 Summer;14(3):188-192. doi: 10.30699/ijp.2019.95692.1942. Epub 2019 Aug 1.


Clinical databases have been developed in recent years especially during the course of all medical concerns including laboratory results. The information produced by the diagnostic laboratories have great impact on health care system with various secondary uses. These uses are sometimes as publishing new extracted information of laboratory reports which have been widely applied in the scientific journals. Nowadays, some large scale or national databases are also formed from the integration of these data from smaller centers in the field of human health in many countries. These databases are beneficial for different stakeholders who may need this information. Unfortunately, reviewing some of these uses has indicated lots of errors in quality control, test validity, uniformity and so on. More importantly, some of the diagnostic procedures have been applied in the clinical diagnostic laboratories without even preliminary clinical evaluation studies. Therefore, any taken conclusion from these analyzed data may not be reliable. This use requires checking the several specifications that have been notified in this study. Current review also intends to show how the correct information should be to extract for the scientific reports, or integrated in large scale databases.

Keywords: Data integration; Laboratory data; Scientific report.

Publication types

  • Review