Localization of immunoreactive synthetic atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) in the heart of various animal species

J Histochem Cytochem. 1985 Jun;33(6):541-50. doi: 10.1177/33.6.3158698.


The localization of two synthetic fragments of the C-terminal portion of atrial natriuretic factor: Arg 101-Tyr 126 which displays full biological activity and Leu 94-Arg 109 which is completely devoid of biological activity, has been investigated by immunohisto- and immunocytochemical methods in the heart of mammals (rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, cat, dog, man) and nonmammalian vertebrates toad (Bufo marinus), frog (Rana catesbeiana), fish (Cyprinus carpio, Puntius schwanenfeldi, Cichlosoma biocellatum, Carrasius auratus), snake (Python reticulatus) and hen. Antibodies against the synthetic fragments of ANF were raised in rabbits and used either for immunofluorescence (Coons' technique), immunohistochemistry (unlabeled antibody technique) or immunocytochemistry (protein A-gold technique). Results obtained by immunofluorescence and by the unlabeled antibody technique were similar: antibodies against Arg 101-Tyr 126 ANF allowed visualization of granulated cardiocytes in the atria of all mammals. While the reaction was very strong in rat and mouse, it was less so in the rabbit and very weak in all other species studied including man. Antibodies against Leu 94-Arg 109 ANF produced a reaction only in the rat and mouse. In nonmammalian vertebrates, the reaction was always much stronger in atria than ventricles of all species with both antibodies.

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